For this episode we're doing every 90's teenage girl's favorite movie, The Babysitters Club:) Side note, after watching this movie Brennen told us that this is his favorite movie too! Another side note, Brennen might be a pedophile. 

Happy New Year everybody! Can a 12 year old autistic boy turn a hopeless baseball team into champs by becoming the manager? The answer is NO! Thank you 1994 for this classic :)

Merry Christmas puds!!! Sorry for not putting out too many this year, but at least you can celebrate Christmas with your buds. Who better to have than Andy Brinker for this holiday episode. The only exception is that this movie sucks balls compared to Brink. We still had a good time with this one and we know you will too. See you next year compadres.

Does a classic show make for a classic movie? In this case, oh ya! Also, it really helps to have a hot Marcia. We tackle the sequel next episode so stay tuned!

June 9, 2018

Episode 88. CB4 (1993)

The best rap mockumentary of all time! Starring the legend himself, Charlie Murphy.......oh and Chris Rock.

John Carpenter is back and this time it's in car form. JC has so many good movies but this one sits in the top 5 for sure. Killer car movies are always good, just take Maximum Overdrive for example. Most importntly we would have never been gifted with his best theme if there was no Christine. Grab a beer for ol' Cuntingham and enjoy bros!

Another rollerblading movie??? You bet your ass buddy! Corey Haim took a break from killing vampires to kill the streets of Venice Beach, inline style. Go grab some mist and get burnt for this bad boy!

It's casual. I can totally see why this movie is cosidered to be a sequel to Fast Times. They just traded in one brother for the other. That simple formula makes for one radical time! See more at

We got side tracked with making our horror movie and forgot to do our halloween episodes, so we're posting them a little late. Rob Zombie, love him or hate him, can make a good film. That is, when he's not ruining a beloved horror franchise. BTW if you like horror movies check out our movie Cabesa Killer 2 The Revenge on our website at

Happy Halloween everyone! Celebrate the best day of the year with the worst of the Halloween Series! Final thoughts.... CockShock! Seriously, his death involves a CockShock!!

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